Join a Team

Being a part of a Team is a great way to use your gifts and talents to serve, all while growing in relationships with other Team Members. Learn more about the many different opportunities to serve at our Join A Team zoom event.

REV 20

Serving Opportunities

RevKids and RevStudents Teams

RevKids and RevStudents Teams help support family development. From teaching small groups, to rocking babies to checking-in families, our mission is to see kids and students grow.

Welcome Teams

Our Welcome Teams set the tone for our guests on a Sunday. From parking to greeting to ushering, our desire is to help you experience Jesus.

Worship, Production and Creative Teams

Worship, Production and Creative Teams prepare and deliver much of what you see and hear at our church. From musicians to camera ops to photographers, our heartbeat is to use our talents to glorify God.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a certain age to serve?

Some Teams have specific age requirements due to the requirements of the position.

Are Team Members required to have a background check?

Yes. Every Team Member is required to submit and pass a background check.

How often do I serve on my Team?

Each Team is different in the amount of time required to serve. Please call us at 770.345.2737 for information regarding a specific Team.