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Jesus commands every believer to love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:31) and we believe neighboring brings so much joy and fulfillment. Outreach offers many different organized projects, trips and serving opportunities for you to get a taste of what it means to live life on mission.

Serve Saturday Family
Serve Saturday

Local Missions

Through out the year we have unique ways to serve and bless our community. Stay tuned for our next Life On Mission Opportunity.

Kenya 1

Global Missions

Short-term mission trip opportunities are offered throughout the year.

Outreach Compassion

Outreach Partners

Through partnerships, we are able to combine our resources with their expertise to do more.

Revolution Church in Kenya

In partnership with Serv International, we are able to build meeting spaces provide financial support for local churches in Africa. We are continuing our multiplication efforts in Kenya and are currently looking for more locations to plant new churches.

Revolution Tiya

Pastor: Isaac Akidor
Village population: 800
Church size: About 60
Church building: 18 ft. x 39 ft.
Church established: 2018


Revolution Kaakiri'ng

Pastor: Jackson Ewoi
Village population: 1500
Church size: About 230
Church building: 35 ft. x 60 ft.
Church established: 2018


Revolution Namorunyang

Pastor: Agnes
Village population: 3600
Church size: About 240
Church building: 50 ft. x 30 ft
Church established: 2019

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