Be fruitful & multiply.

Genesis 1:28

From the beginning, it has been God’s will for mankind to be fruitful and then to multiply -- two commands which are intimately connected. His blessings lead us to GROW in personal fruitfulness and then to multiply in others the fruitfulness God has grown in us. Think of it this way: We are blessed to be a blessing. As a church, God has richly blessed us and, in turn, we have been very fruitful. Now it is time to be intentional and Multiply.

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What is the Multiply Initiative?

Multiply is a 3-year initiative that started in March 2017 and will go through December 2019. We are intentionally focusing on the command of God to multiply in every level of our church. In order for us to maximize our ability to seek and save the lost, we are committing to Multiply our efforts and connect more people with the Gospel by intentionally reproducing Leaders, Artists, Campuses, and Churches. We must not be content with just being a church who sees many people trust Christ within our walls; we must continue to strive to Multiply into more communities to seek and save more people.

What is my part in the initiative?

Multiply is for everyone! We are asking each family to make a sacrificial commitment to give above and beyond the tithe to see multiplication take place. Our 3-year goal is $3.8 million, an additional one year budget. As we near the end, we are halfway there and we want to finish strong.

3 Things to Finish Strong

  1. Pray for our church and our future.
  2. If you've made a pledge, complete your commitment.
  3. Give on December 15th on our Multiply Giving Day.

It will take all of us sacrificially giving in order to accomplish our vision. Please join us in praying about your sacrificial financial contribution to the Multiply Initiative.