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Hope for Christmas is an outreach event, taking place on December 9, that will provide hope to families in our community! Want to share the gift of hope this year? We've made it extra easy for you to sponsor a child!

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This Christmas, many families will be unable to provide their children with gifts. We are partnering with local ministries and schools to help meet this need. We want to make sure these kids have a huge smile on their faces Christmas morning, and the parents feel the love and support of their community.

Sponsorship Details

Below, select a location and then a child you would like to sponsor. Each child has three gift suggestions listed under their name. Once you complete the sponsorship, you will receive an email with gift details and the child's ID Number. Please purchase TWO of the gift suggestions for the child/children you sponsored, with a $25-$40 value for each gift. Please return unwrapped gifts labeled with the child ID number by Sunday, November 26.

Drop Off Details For Gifts

During the week of Thanksgiving, here are a few options for returning the gifts for your sponsored child/children.

Monday & Tuesday - Drop off at Revolution Canton in the red barrel located outside our offices. Our offices are located in the far right corner of our property.

Tuesday - Drop off at Revolution Jasper in the red barrel located outside our offices. Our offices are located at the back of the building.

Sunday - Drop off at the 9:30a and 11:15a gatherings.

(*If you attend Revolution Canton and sponsor a child from the Revolution Jasper list, you can return the gifts to Revolution Canton. Please make sure the gifts are labeled with the Child ID number + Revolution Jasper. We will make sure all gifts are delivered to the correct campus.)

Revolution Canton

Revolution Jasper

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Be a part of making Christmas happen for thousands of families in our community! Are you unable to sponsor a child or bring Secret Santa items, but would still like to make an impact? You can donate instead and we will do the shopping. Click the donate button, enter the amount you wish to donate, and select Hope For Christmas Donation. Thank you so much for your generosity! *If you choose to donate, please do not go through the sponsorship process of selecting a child.