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The One

You don't have to find what you already have.

Where did the idea of “finding the one” come from in the first place? If having that idea looming over your student while dating right now feels like a lot of pressure…that’s because it is! So, what if dating wasn’t that high-stakes? Instead, what if dating could be more about who they're becoming, and less about finding their “one”? In this 4-week series—for students who are currently dating and students who aren’t—we focus on how becoming the one is better than finding the one, fighting unhealthy obsession, dealing with breakups, and we challenge students to pick their perspective when it comes to dating and disappointment.

Weekly conversation starters based on the current RevStudents series:

Week 1 | May 4

  • Read: Proverbs 24:27, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7
  • Examine: We can become so obsessed with finding the perfect person for a relationship, we forget to look in the mirror and see who God wants US to be in and out of a relationship. Becoming the one is better than finding the one.
  • Apply/Ask: In your mind, what does a healthy relationship look like? What qualities do you think you should have in a healthy relationship? [What answers did you and your student share and which were different?]
  • Pray: Spend time praying for your student’s current or future relationship, and that they can exemplify God in that relationship.

Week 2 | May 11

  • Read: Proverbs 25:16, Ephesians 5:15-16, Romans 1:25

  • Examine: As Romans 1:25 says, we can often put things that were created in the spot where our Creator should be. In relationships, don’t let anyone become your everything.

  • Apply/Ask: How do you know when you’re obsessed with something/someone?

  • Pray: Spend time praying that your student can keep God as their everything, and that someone doesn’t take that place.

Week 3 | May 18

  • Read: Philippians 2:3-7

  • Examine: A breakup can cause major damage to oneself and those around you. We’ll be looking at breakups and how to treat others and yourself with dignity throughout them. Remind your students that a breakup doesn’t have to break them.

  • Apply/Ask: What are some unwise decisions people make when going through a breakup? How do you think people can avoid those?

  • Pray: Spend time praying for your student's healing from current, past, or future breakups. Pray for the decisions they make throughout them and for God to give you wisdom when helping them through it.

Week 4 | May 25

  • Read: Proverbs 17:22, Philippians 4:8

  • Examine: We are doing a panel this week, so your student will be hearing from a lot of different perspectives. Whether they connect with a leader who talked about navigating a breakup, what a healthy relationship looks like, boundaries, or evaluating whether to date or not, we’ll be pointing them to follow Jesus in whatever stage of life they are in.

  • Apply/Ask: What’s one thing I can help you do to keep dating or other frustrations from dominating your thoughts?

  • Pray: Spend time praying that God can remind your student that what Jesus did is greater than anything they’ve done.

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