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The Good Life

Do teenagers want to live the good life? Of course they do—we all do! But which version? The traveling influencer? The star athlete? The brilliant artist? Something new and different than what most people think? No matter what version teenagers hope for, many students are looking for help with figuring out how to find it. They are asking the question: is there something better? In this series, we’ll learn how following Jesus helps us to experience more of the life we were created to live. And throughout this series, teenagers may just discover a version of life, and a way to navigate being a student, that is better than they ever could have imagined.


Week 1 | September 7 - The Gospel Alone

  • Read: Galatians 1:6-8 & 1:10

  • Examine: We live in a world that preaches tolerance and to be accepting of everyone’s truths. However, the problem with that thinking is that if everyone's truth is true, no one’s is. As we open Paul’s letter to the churches in Galatia, we see him pleading with them to believe that the Gospel message alone leads to the Good Life. The Good Life doesn’t need anything other than Jesus.

  • Apply: Discuss the areas of our lives where we try to add things to our salvation. For example do we feel like we need more Church attendance, better behavior, more knowledge? This is a great opportunity to share with your student about your relationship with Jesus.

  • Pray: Take time to pray together. Pray that we spend time in God’s word so we are not being led or leading others away from the good life.

Week 2 | September 14 - Justification

  • Read: Galatians 2:16–21

  • Examine: We often find ourselves falling into the trap of believing that to experience the good life God has for us, we have to do good things to keep Him happy. Paul’s warning to the churches in Galatia was that there was nothing they could or had to do to make themselves “more Christian”. The Good Life frees us from earning what God has freely given.

  • Apply: Ask your student if there are areas of their lives where they feel they have to earn something from God. Where do they feel they need to earn something from you? Many times we will relate our relationship with our Heavenly father with our earthly parents.

  • Pray: Take time to pray together. Pray that your student will rest in the truth that God has already done everything they need for them to experience the good life.

Week 3 | September 28 - Sanctification

  • Read: Galatians 3:2–6

  • Examine: After trusting in Jesus (justification), it is easy to think our lives should be perfect. We are saved from our sin, yes, but while we are on earth, we still have the ability to sin, and we will sin. Paul knew the only way that we can battle sin is with our Helper, the Holy Spirit. Experiencing The Good Life involves the Holy Spirit working in us every day to be more like Jesus.

  • Apply: Ask your student to name one area of their life they need help improving. Discuss how they believe the Holy Spirit can help in that area of their lives and active steps you can take as a family to remind each other of the Holy Spirit’s power and work.

  • Pray: Take time to pray together. Pray that God can reveal areas of your lives that need to look more like Jesus, and welcome the Holy Spirit into that work, not relying on your own strength to make it happen.

Week 4 | October 5 - Identity

  • Read: Galatians 4:1–7

  • Examine: Every single person wants to belong to something. We were created with a desire to be a part of something. People spend their whole life chasing an identity around their success, achievement, and popularity. What most people spend their whole life chasing the Apostle Paul tells us is found in the Good Life. We will never have a greater identity than as sons and daughters of God.

  • Apply: Most students will relate their relationship with God as a father with their relationship with you as their parents. While this is an awfully challenging thought, it is also an incredible responsibility. Spend some time with your students discussing in what ways are you similar/ different as a parent than God as their father.

  • Pray: Take time to pray together. Pray that your student’s identity will be found in Jesus and nothing else.

Week 5 | October 12 - Fruit Of The Spirit

  • Read: Galatians 5:22–26

  • Examine: If you were in an orchard looking at a tree, the way you’d know what kind of tree you’re looking at is by seeing the fruit that it is bearing. An apple tree bears apples. An orange tree bears oranges. These are obvious statements, and Paul gives us a clear picture for followers of Christ as well. The fruit of the Spirit is what grows in us by following Jesus. You can’t just reach these fruits from inside of you. It only comes from the Holy Spirit.

  • Apply: Make a list of the fruit of the Spirit listed in this verse. Write down areas or moments of your life that you have seen God give you these fruits. Then, discuss with your student areas or moments of their lives that they have seen God give them these fruits. In what fruit do you think your family can grow more in by following Christ’s example?

  • Pray: Take time to pray together. Pray for growth in your family. Every day this week, choose one fruit of the Spirit to pray that the Holy Spirit grows in your student and family.

Week 6 | October 19 - Endurance

  • Read: Galatians 6:1–10

  • Examine: Long distance running is a discipline that takes endurance. It’s impossible not to get tired or sore, but the winner is the one that doesn’t give up running until the finish line. The Bible often describes following Christ as a race or as a physical activity like planting crops. The Good Life is not “The Easy Life.” There is difficulty in The Good Life, but Paul makes sure we know that we will never regret following Jesus.

  • Apply: Think about a time in your life when you wanted to quit something, but when you didn’t, it ended up turning into something awesome. Ask your student about a time in their life when this happened. Discuss with your student why they think they should continue to follow Christ even in the midst of difficulty. To go the extra mile and to do something fun, discuss this while you go apple picking as a family, or while navigating a corn maze together.

  • Pray: Take time to pray together. Pray for the difficult moments that your student will navigate while following Christ, and pray for wisdom on how you can be a positive influence that continuously points them to God.


Bible Reading Plan

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