Mission Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mission Camp?

Student Life Mission Camp is a Christ-centered camp for completed 6th-12th graders. It includes engaging worship from experienced worship leaders, learning through sound biblical teaching and Bible study, community in Life Groups, and mission projects in the local communities. It's a week of focused learning, heartfelt praise, community building, teamwork, and most importantly, God's Word on center stage.

Where are students staying while at Mission Camp?

Students will be staying in dorms at Lee University.

What does a day at Mission Camp typically look like?

Typical Schedule:


Breakfast & Quiet Time


Life Group Leader Meeting




Mission Huddle




Leave for Mission Sites


Back on Campus (Supply Drop-Off on Day 4)


Free Time Options




Life Group Bible Study


Student Pastor Gathering




Church Group Gathering


Lights Out

How are students getting to & from camp?

We will be using charter buses to transport our students to and from Revolution Church and Lee University.

Is Mission Camp offered to students outside of Revolution Church?

Yes, this camp is open to any student inside and outside of Revolution Church.

Is there a cell phone number I can contact in case of an emergency?

Yes, there will be a point of contact for our time at Mission Camp. We will be giving that information out during our Camp Meeting on May 15th beginning at 3pm at Revolution Canton.

Do you offer multiple student discounts for siblings?

We are not offering multiple student discounts this year. We have made the price as affordable as possible for everyone.

What if my student needs to take daily medication?

We will be taking a nurse with us who will be able to handle student medications.

Is there a packing list?

Yes, that information will be given out at our Camp Meeting on May 15th beginning at 3pm at Revolution Canton.

When is the full payment due?

All students must be paid in full by Sunday, May 15th.

Will there be a camp meeting prior to June 13th?

Yes, our Mission Camp meeting will be held on Sunday, May 15th beginning at 3pm at Revolution Canton. All campers & a parent must be present.

Is there a refund policy if we have to cancel my student’s registration?

We will be able to give a FULL REFUND (plus deposit) through March 31st, a PARTIAL REFUND (minus deposit) through April 30th, and NO REFUND after April 30th.

What if my student has a food allergy?

Lee University accommodates allergies during meals. Specific allergies should be listed on a student's medication form.

What is the leader to student ratio?

There is a 1 leader to 7 student ratio.

What safety protocols will be in place regarding COVID?

In order to keep our students and leaders safe, we will use recommendations from local & state health officials, Lee University & Student Life.