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High School Weekend

Frequently Asked Questions

What is High School Weekend?

High School Weekend is intended with one main goal in mind: To deepen High Schoolers faith while equipping them with Biblical tools they can take into their daily life to seek God further right now and well beyond High School. It is a 3-day event hosted at Camp Highland in Ellijay, GA where 9th-12th graders are invited to get away, hang out, play games, worship, and dig deep into Scripture at a High School level.

How are students getting to & from High School Weekend?

We will be using charter buses to transport our students to and from Camp Highland.

Will there be an informational meeting to prepare parents and students for the weekend?

Yes! Our High School Weekend meeting will be held on Sunday, January 28 beginning at 3pm at Revolution Canton. During this meeting we will:

  • Go over expectations, packing lists & the schedule for the weekend
  • Turn in/confirm the 3 required forms are completed *These can be found in your confirmation email. If you cannot find the confirmation email, please email Cecily@Revolution.Church.*
  • Pay any unpaid balances

All campers & a parent must be present. Please make every effort to attend.

Is High School Weekend offered to students outside of Revolution Church?

Yes, this is open to any student inside and outside of Revolution Church.

Is there a cell phone number I can contact in case of an emergency?

Yes, there will be a point of contact for our time away. We will be giving that information out during our Parent Meeting on January 28 beginning at 3pm at Revolution Canton.

Do you offer multiple student discounts for siblings?

We are not offering multiple student discounts this year. We have made the price as affordable as possible for everyone. If you are in need of a scholarship, please email Cecily@Revolution.Church.

What if my student needs to take daily medication?

We will be taking a nurse with us who will be able to handle student medications.

Is there a packing list?

Yes, a packing list will be given out at our Camp Meeting on January 28 beginning at 3pm at Revolution Canton.

When is the full payment due?

All students must be paid in full by Sunday, January 28.

Is there a refund policy if we have to cancel my student’s registration?

We will be able to give a FULL REFUND through December 31, a 50% REFUND through January 28, and NO REFUND after January 28.

What if my student has a food allergy?

Camp Highland accommodates allergies during meals. Specific allergies should be listed on a student's Allergy & Medication form.

Where do I find & fill out all the necessary forms needed for High School Weekend?

Links to all forms are in the confirmation email the person listed as the Registration Contact should have received after completing registration. If you cannot find the confirmation email, please email Cecily@Revolution.Church.

Can I give towards a scholarship for a student to attend High School Weekend?

Yes! If you would like to give towards a scholarship, so a student can attend High School Weekend, please email Cecily@Revolution.Church.

What if my High Schooler needs a scholarship to attend High School Weekend?

We would love to help your 9th-12th Grader get to High School Weekend! If you need assistance, please email Cecily@Revolution.Church