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Buddy Team

Our Buddy Teams are designed to support kids with special needs as they learn, have fun and grow in their relationship with Jesus!

We have created environments and opportunities for our special needs children to join in the fun with others their own age or take a break in our sensory room if needed. Our Buddy Team is available at our Canton Campus.

What we offer:
  • We offer a Buddy to partner with kids who could benefit from having one-on-one attention. These Buddies sit alongside the child within their Small Group to help assist with any needs.
  • Headphones for children who do not like loud music.
  • If needed, the Buddy and child can visit our sensory break room for a brief period of time and return during the Bible story time.
What we cannot offer:
  • A separate special needs room.
  • Accommodations for children over 6th grade. We allow exceptions for 6th graders with special needs.
What we need from you:
  • Communication letting us know you are coming a week prior to your visit so we can ensure your child has a Buddy.
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