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RevKids Move Up Week

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group moves up?

All toddlers through rising 12th graders.

When does my child promote to the next age group/grade?

RevKids promotes on Thursday, July 28 & Sunday, July 31. RevStudents promotes on Wednesday, August 3.

What do I need to do as a parent to prepare for this day?

Communicate with your child anything they need to know to process change.

How will I know which room my child is moving into on this day?

Our check-in system will filter the room for your child based on birth month and year. The Welcome Team will be at check-in to help make any changes if necessary & direct you where to go. We will also have signage on each classroom door.

Is there anything different I need to do at check-in?

Double-check their class location on the iPad and on their printed name tag. Welcome Team members will also be there to assist.

When does my child move from the Nursery rooms (animal rooms) to the Pre-K rooms (numbered rooms)?

If your child is turning 3 before September 1st AND they are potty-trained, they will move up to the numbered rooms on Thursday, July 28 & Sunday, July 31. If they are in this age group, and they are not potty-trained, they will remain in the animal rooms until they are fully trained.

How will RevKids prepare my rising Kindergartener to move upstairs to the Campground at Revolution Canton?

Rising Kindergarteners will take a field trip to our elementary rooms in the month of July. We will also host a Rising Kindergarten Breakfast for parents on Sunday, July 24. More information regarding the breakfast will be sent out in July.

How will my rising middle schooler be prepared for RevStudents?

Our RevStudent Minister at each campus will be introducing themselves at the end of the summer in RevKids & will be talking to them about what to expect for RevStudents. RevStudents meet on Wednesdays from 6:30p - 8:15p.

We will also be hosting our 6th Grade Preview Night on July 27. Both parents and rising 6th graders attend together. More information regarding the Preview Night will be sent out in July.

Where will my rising Middle Schooler go on Sunday Mornings now that they’ve graduated out of RevKids?

Revolution Canton middle school students attend adult worship with their parents and/or serve on a Team. Please visit our Join a Team page to get them plugged in to serving.

Revolution Jasper 5th & 6th graders can attend our 5th & 6th grade experience, worship with their parents, and/or serve on a Team. Please visit our Join a Team page to get them plugged in to serving.